LIEUWE Carbonara Board

Size: 125x39-Kids
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BIG AIR / ALL AROUND / HIGH PERFORMANCE. Designed to go FAST and BIG, like a pro! The Carbonara has been developed together with Gijs Wassenaar to meet his need for speed and to enable him to go bigger and higher during the King of the Air. The Carbonara is the Shotgun in a fresh black leather jacket. The carbon makes the shotgun stiffer and at the same time more rocker giving it a better and smooth landing when done correctly. Just like with the Shotgun the channels enables the board to have a strong grip.
Colors: White rail with white deck
PLEASE NOTE THAT LIEUWE BOARDS ARE SHIPPED FROM EUROPE. If you are within the EU, you will only have to pay the price advertised. If you are outside of the EU, you will have to pay import duties and taxes. However, we sell the boards for cheaper when shipping outside of the EU.

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