Kiter of the Month for May 2021

Every month we will crown 1 Big Air Kiter who's been crushing it! This prestigious award serves to acknowledge the qualities that we aspire to: COURAGE, AMBITION, and the desire to TEST YOUR METTLE in tough conditions.

The kiter of the month for May 2021 is the Italian Stallion, Andrea Principi.

Andrea has entered the scene with a bang! We started recognising Andrea around one year ago with some of the most technical kiteloop variations that have ever been performed. However the question remained, how will he perform in stronger winds? At Full Power Tarifa 2021 he showed us exactly that. Climbing through the qualifier rounds Andrea made it all the way into the Pro division finals, taking out some big names, to finish in the 3rd position alongside Giel Vlugt and Janek Grzegorzewski. 

We caught up with Andrea Principi and asked him a few questions to get to know him better: 

Full name: Andrea principi

Date of birth9/25/2004


 When did you start kiting? 

September 2017

Favorite sized kite for Big Air?


Current tricks you're dreaming of / working on?

Frontroll contra loop board flip late front

Favorite place to kite and why?

At the moment my home spot, Calambrone as it offers all conditions ranging from storms to light winds. Then Tarifa is also a really epic kite spot.

When you are not on the water, you can be found doing?

Training in the gym. I typically have two kite sessions per day and in the evening I gym.

A non-kiting skill that you want to tell us about?

Without wind I like to wakeboard.

 Any song that like to listen to before a Big Air session?

Techno and rock music

What do you feel is your biggest challenge in life?

The Red Bull King of the air kiteboarding competition.


If you would like to find out more about Andrea Principi, be sure to check out his latest interview on the Kitesurf365 podcast with Adrian Kerr.

Andrea will be added to the prestigious list of riders who were previously crowned Kiter of the Month. You can view that list here.