Riders will earn points based on their result in each competition. Only Pro Division results earn riders points. Points will be earned as per the rulebook. The rider with the most points at the end of the final event will be crowned the BAKL World Tour Champion!

Current BAKL World Tour Rankings

Name Rank Points
Ross-Dillon Player 1st 250
Aaron Hadlow 2nd 200
Steven Akkersdijk 3rd 160
Janek Grzegorzewski Equal 4th 107
Josh Gillitt Equal 4th 107
Michael Mac Donald Equal 4th 107
Camdyn Kellett Equal 7th 71
Giel Vlugt Equal 7th 71
Stig Hoefnagel Equal 7th 71
Philipp Schonger Equal 10th 47
Julian Huynh Equal 10th 47
Stuart Downey Equal 10th 47
Clément Huot Equal 13th 32
Dylan Graham Equal 13th 32
Kacper Śliwiński Equal 13th 32
Julian Zens Equal 16th 21
Sander Bregendahl Rafn Equal 16th 21
Robby James Equal 16th 21