We are stoked to announce our first ever BAKL National event. National events are run by people outside of our organization. People just like you! This event, BAKL Sweden 2020, is being run by Oskar Hellsing. If you want to run your own BAKL event, we will give you our assets to help you make it happen!

The window for this event is from November 14 to December 13. Most suitable holiday during this period. Information on the exact date will be given no later than Thursday of the same week.

Whether you're a rider or a spectator, we would LOVE you to join us. At the end of the day, this event is about bringing our community together to make some amazing memories!


Enter the competition

Enter the competition


Follow the action

You can follow the action with LIVE heat scoring, brought to you by Heatscoring.com! We will also be posting event coverage to @bigairkite_ Instagram.


Event location

Apelviken, vid surfparkeringen. Tångkörarvägen, 432 54 Varberg



NOTE. With stricter COVID restrictions, the competition can be canceled or postponed at short notice. If this happens, the registration fee will be refunded.



Contact Oskar via this form if you have any queries