5% of every order goes towards running a Big Air Kite League competition. These competitions are run all over the world and give riders an opportunity to compete. Our first edition was run in Cape Town and we'll be bringing you many more!

The goal is to run bare-basic competitions without red tape. The founders of the league come from a competitive surfing background, where competitions were run every month. We're bringing the same approach to big air kite competitions. Rather than find reasons why we can't, we're all about being yes-men!

We made an open-source competition league. That means that you can download our event assets, free of charge, and use them to run your own Big Air Kite League Event. All we ask is that you give us credit for helping you out. Get the assets by signing up below.

Our assets include:

  • Template video
  • Template poster
  • Sign up form
  • Judging criteria
  • Judging sheet
  • Rules
  • Competition ladder and event run-time calculator
  • Indemnity waiver
  • Item list
    & more

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