Carved Imperator 7 Board


Size: 133x40cm
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Our team riders have been putting this board through the ringer in the photoshoot in Cape Town and they've got this to say:

Our favorite board just got lighter and it's even got adjustable rocker (the bend in the board)! What's adjustable rocker? Well, the grab handle can be twisted to adjust the rocker by 15mm. See the handle in action in the gallery video.

Probably the highest strength per mass board on the market. It's 100g lighter than the Imperator 6. This light weight makes board-offs and old-school a pleasure. Despite being so lightweight, our team riders have yet to snap one- thanks to Carved's improved Cartan 2 Carbon build. Everything about this board shouts 'German Engineering!'


How light is light?

Well the 135cm weighs only 1.9kg (excl fins and handle), which is the lightest board we've ever gotten our hands on!

133x40cm, 135x41cm, 137x42cm (1.7“ fins)

139x42.5cm, 141x43cm (1.9“ fins)


 What we like

  • Adjustable rocker
  • Doesn't scratch or crack easily
  • 100g lighter than the Imperator 6
  • It now comes with a board sock to keep your baby safe!


Tech Specs

  • Hand crafted at the Carved factory in Germany
  • Cartan 2® Carbon
  • Insanely Lightweight construction (1.9kg for the 135cm, excl fins and handle)
  • Double Concave and "Center Keel" bottom shape
  • Soft tucked rail in the center to hard rail off the tail
  • UV GUARD: Doubled UV protection
  • 3D shaped Paulownia wood core
  • Elliptical flex tips
  • Razor G10 fins are sized to match each board length (Included)

Unhooking report

*In contrast to the wakestyle twintip Tantrum, the Imperator is strictly designed for straps. You void all warranty claims if you install boot bindings on the Imperator Edition board.

It feels like

Sturdy, lightweight and most notably springy. There is a moderate amount of flex in the board that allows you feel the water beneath your feet beautifully.

Quality report

The landings and crashes in big air can be extremely taxing for a board and we've seen many carbon fiber boards not live up to the challenge - but not the Imperator!

Weapon of choice for

Maarten Haeger, Josh Emanuel, High Mike

What's included

Board, Razor G10 fins, Carved REVO handle, board sock


12 months


Recommended straps

We recommend the CORE Union Comfort 2 Straps

Questions & Answers

  • I am an 87 kg raider. I like to mix different kitesurfing disciplines. I like big air, but I also like unhooked freestyle. nothing special, e.g. s bend, rally to blind. is this board universal enough? what size should i buy? Hey Szymon
    I really enjoy the board for unhooked freestyle, big air and oldschool. I can also only do the basics, but I find the pop to be awesome, so I'm sure you'd love it for unhooked freestyle in straps. Keep in mind you can't ride boots as the inserts aren't designed for it.

    Size wise, I'd recommend a 139cm. That's the sweet spot for your weight. 
    Any other questions just let us know!

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