Ride Engine Elite Carbon Harness 2020


Size: XS
Color: Blue
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We're all looking for 4 things in a harness. Comfort, safety, performance and durability.
Comfort: The Ride Engine lumbar lock is designed to fit securely to the lumbar region of your spine.
Safety: There are 2 straps securing your spreader bar on each side of the harness. This gives you peace of mind knowing their is a backup strap, since straps wear out over time, and it keeps your spreader pressed flat to the harness belt, preventing injured ribs. Ride Engine harnesses have put to the test in the strongest conditions imagineable and our BAK riders trust them with their lives.
Performance: The harness has a short back, soft padding in the back and a rigid structure on the outside, resulting in a harness that fits securely, yet allows you to move freely.
Durability: Built from high quality materials and expertly manufactured with secure stitching. There were issues the shells in pre-2019 harnesses coming unstitched at the back, but Ride Engine harnesses carry a 1 year warranty, and 1 they were sure to look after any customers having this issue. The issue has since been fixed.
The Elite Carbon harness is constructed using 12K carbon which ensures a durable strong Armor Shell frame in a lightweight package. Say goodbye to the days of the twisting, squeezing and riding up of traditional harness designs.

Weapon of choice for

High Mike, Vetea Boersma

What's included

Spreader bar sold separately
Kite knife sold separately


12 months

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