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The Big Air Kite League has been founded to give riders in the big air kite community an opportunity to compete and push their limits. We're solving one of our community's biggest problems: There are more big air riders than there are opportunities to compete!

We aim to change that by making it easier for YOU to run your own Big Air competition. Here you will find a Google Drive folder and a manual to help you run your event. The folder contains assets such as

  • Marketing material
  • Competition ladder
  • Rules
  • Judging criteria
  • And more

Google Drive Folder

How to run your BAKL Event


We started the BAKL...

because there's a big gap between free riding in 40 knots and competing in KOTA or Megaloop. Riders aren't being given the opportunity to compete or practice competitive kiting. We aim to bridge that gap by hosting regular, bare bones big air competitions. This will give riders an opportunity to work on their competition kiting, motivating them to send it bigger than ever.

Everything we as the BAKL create is OPEN SOURCE. That means that you can use our marketing material, event write ups, planning documents, posters AND more to run YOUR BAKL comps ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD. Free of charge.

This league wouldn't be possible without the aid of our dedicated volunteers who worked tirelessly to bring this open source event to you. So hats off to them!