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Terms and conditions

Purchase any new kite, bar or board from Big Air Kite Europe or South Africa to enter the raffle.
Purchases on do not qualify.
There will be 3 lucky draws. You are entered into every draw that happens after your purchase date.

Prize Lucky draw date Purchase by this date to enter
Bar Winner: Paul Ournac 26 Feb 25 Feb
Board winner: Alexandr Konyashin 26 March 25 March
Kite 27 April 26 April

Tickets for the raffle:
Your purchase will earn you tickets for the raffle. The more tickets you have, the greater your chances of winning.
1 board = 1 ticket
1 bar = 1 ticket
1 kite = 2 tickets

You can win any kite, board or bar of your choosing, up to the following values:
Kite winner: 1629 Euros or equivalent
Board winner: 1049 Euros or equivalent
Bar winner: 729 Euros or equivalent
You can pay in extra if your desired item is more expensive.

We will ship your prize anywhere in Europe, USA or South Africa. If your desired prize is out of stock, there could be a 3-12 week delay.

Winners will be contacted via the email or phone associated with their order.
Winners will be announced online.