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Meet the ultimate in comfort and adjustability. The new Carved Customs Ultra pads and straps feature new fingertip control with a snowboard inspired tongue and click-buckle system we call PowerTrim. Not only is the closure system micro adjustable but it also can be used “on the fly”. The Ultras are engineered for a custom orthotic fit. The pad baseplate is designed with 2 stance positions on the x-axis (board length); 11 stance angle options; and 6 options in the y-axis (board width). There is no other pad/base system that is more adjustable. The straps are equally customizable. The four strap tongues (aka Strap Lock Wings) are also adjustable in both x and y-axis without tools. Want to move your straps closer to your toes? No problem, the easy to adjust Strap Lock Wings are easily adjusted by hand. The neoprene and memory foam padding conforms to any foot size or shape for sneaker-like comfort.

What we like

These pads have an almost tailor-made fit and they're super quick to adjust! Want to send some late backrolls in strong wind? Tighten them up with a few clicks. Want to send some board offs? Click your feet to freedom.

What we don't like

We've found the pads a bit hard in cold water. In warm water, they feel soft and comfy.

It feels like

Snug, secure fit! The best fitting straps we've ever used.

This product is made for

Use on any standard twin-tips. The pads are the first point of contact between you and the water, so it's essential you have a set of pads that work for you!

Quality report

Extremely durable. German engineering that's built to last.

Weapon of choice for

Maarten Haeger, Josh Emanuel


6 months

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