Morocco, Africa

It gets Strong winds Either direction From $20/day
Updated:30 June 2020

Kitesurf Season


Destination Summary


Dakhla Morocco is an amazing destination for all kitesurfers. from learning how to water start to doing crazy megaloops you will have plenty of fun on the dessert. The wind usually ranges from 20-30 knots and it blows pretty much every single day. You can also choose the strength of the wind by going to different spots like for example the speed spot where the wind is usually stronger by 5 knots than in any other spot in Dakhla lagoon. Depending on which hotel are you going to choose, many of them are organizing long downwinders or just a safety boat so that you can feel good when trying new tricks on the flat offshore kite spots.
When visiting this location you need to know that there is nothing but kitesurfing in here so be prepared for a lot of time spent on the water.

Kite Info

Kite shop

No Kite Shop

Kite spots

Dakhla lagoon

Best months

january, february, march, april, may, june, july, august, september, october, november, december

Dominant boosting direction

Either direction

Wind Strength, Consistency, Wind Quality, Density

It gets Strong (Up to 30 knots) It's windy Almost every day Pretty steady Warm wind

Water temp

Cold (You need a wetsuit)

Water conditions

Flat, Choppy, Waves

Crowd factor

Some waters users around

Woo Record

18.5 by Cyril A

Travel and life info

How easy is it to get there?

Easy to visit (< 2 hours from airport)

How do you get there?

Dakhla airport; and an organized shuttle bus from the hotel you are staying in.

Daily cost

Affordable ($20-50 /day)

Party Destination

Not a party destination

Do you need a car?


Family friendly?


Other fun and activities

kitesurfing only

How easy is it to find cuddle company?

Sorry, no cuddles here

Internet Connectivity

Acceptable (Whatsapp voice calls and web browsing)


Medium development (some accommodations; hotels; health services or shops)

Thanks to Janek Grzegorzewski for submiting the destination

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