Lacuna Alpha Kite

Size: 7
Color: Green
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The Alpha is a high aspect delta kite with a very attractive price tag! Lacuna kites are designed in Cape Town - some of the toughest conditions imagineable. Through rigorous testing, Lacuna has managed to make a kite that's built to last.

What we like

Strong kite and frame. Built to last. Affordable

Jump report

Most of the surface area in the canopy goes towards lift, making this a great option for big boosts.

Loop report

The 9m can be looped by a skilled rider and the 8m or smaller are great for any rider to loop!

Unhooking report

Not recommended

This product is made for

Big jumps, loops and beginner riders

Weapon of choice for

Jason Van Der Spuy, Luke Thomas

Woo record on this kite



12 months

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