Portugal, Europe

It gets Moderate winds Right forward From $50/day
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Kitesurf Season


Destination Summary


It's the capital city of Portugal, top 10 must go world destination.

This is one of the best spots in Europe for Goofy stance (right leg front) jumping.

Windy season (north winds) starts in May and it goes to September, but the best month are July and August.
Most of the times you get regular +20 knots wind and sometimes it can get up to +40 knots due to thermal/venturi/temperature effects that I'm not even going to try to explain.
An examples of these extreme phenomena is, coming from Lisbon with 40C/104F and 7 knots of wind and after 35Km/22Mi you reach Guincho and its 19C/66F with +35 knots.
Sometimes this place also gets a bad effect called the bubble, were on the beach and 100m/330ft into the water there is no wind and after that it's all white caps.

Waves from 0.5M/2Ft to 6M/20Ft summer time normally less than 3M/10Ft.

Lifestyle plenty to do, lots of cultural offering and great night life for those o like it.

Very powerful spot, from the scenery to how strong can get the wind. You can score very good big air sessions, right foot forward for the kickers. It is also known but the big waves. Family friendly, you definitely need a car gorgeous surroundings, and plenty to do around. Not the most wind consistency.

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Kite shop

Has a Kite Shop

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Best months

january, february, march, april, may, june, july, august, september, october, november, december

Dominant boosting direction

Right forward

Wind Strength, Consistency, Wind Quality, Density

It gets Moderate (Up to 25 knots) It's windy Every week Gusty and holey Cold wind

Water temp

Cold (You need a wetsuit)

Water conditions

Choppy, Waves

Local riders

Miguel Ho Li Fuk; Paulinokite

Crowd factor

Too many water users around

Woo Record

25.1 by Peter Nieuwenhuizen

Travel and life info

How easy is it to get there?

Easy to visit (< 2 hours from airport)

How do you get there?

Lisbon airport

Daily cost

Expensive ($50-120 /day)

Party Destination


Do you need a car?


Family friendly?


Other fun and activities

Lots of water activities
lots of sightseeing
excellent food and drink. Its the capital of the oldest European country! Hike
party. Meet Longboard Cruisers PT

How easy is it to find cuddle company?


Internet Connectivity

Good (video calls and streaming)


Very High Development (crazy fast internet and somewhere to charge my Tesla)

Thanks to Miguel Ho Li Fuk and Julia Delos Ayllon for submiting the destination

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