Denmark, Europe

It gets Moderate winds Either direction From $20/day
Updated:29 April 2021

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Destination Summary


Lolland-Falster is an hidden gem. The most popular spot is Farø (Faroe) with its spectacular view of the Farø Bridge. The wind gets funneled and is almost a few knots more than the forecast. It is relatively close to Copenhagen (approximately 1 hour from Copenhagen), which is why many city-surfers takes the ride to avoid the much crowded spots in Copenhagen. On a good day you will have about 50 kites on the water. As the spot is located on an area connecting to island-like land areas, you have the option to go on either side of the road. Launch area is excellent.

You will also find smaller wave spots close by.

However... if you are willing to go another 45 minutes from Farø, you'll hit the isolated pancake-flat water spot, Albuen (Elbow), that works in all wind directions (West angled wind are preferred, east can become a bit gusty). On a good day you will find about 10 kiters on a 6000m2 large spot. That is 600m2 per person... on a good day (I have never seen more than 8). As it is rather far from civilisation (in danish standards) there are camping, caravan and cabin accommodation 500m from the spot. It doesn't get any better than this.

Kite Info

Kite shop

No Kite Shop

Kite spots

Albuen; Farø; Marielyst

Best months

january, february, march, april, may, june, july, august, september, october, november, december

Dominant boosting direction

Either direction

Wind Strength, Consistency, Wind Quality, Density

It gets Moderate (Up to 25 knots) It's windy Every week Super steady Cold wind

Water temp

Cold (You need a wetsuit)

Water conditions

Flat, Choppy

Local riders

Mikkel Hansen; Nick Jacobsen; Max Welldahl (all Copenhagen based - but visits these spots)

Crowd factor

Some waters users around

Woo Record

18.1 by Mike Lachmann

Travel and life info

How easy is it to get there?

Easy to visit (< 2 hours from airport)

How do you get there?

Fly to Copenhagen; rent a car and drive south.

Daily cost

Affordable ($20-50 /day)

Party Destination

Not a party destination

Do you need a car?


Family friendly?


Other fun and activities


How easy is it to find cuddle company?

Sorry, no cuddles here

Internet Connectivity



Medium development (some accommodations; hotels; health services or shops)

Thanks to Rasmus Himmelstrup for submiting the destination

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