Oregon Coast

United States, North America

It gets Moderate winds Right forward From $120/day
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Oregon Coast

The Oregon Coast is a hidden gem in the world of big air. There are not crowds at most locations and the wind is often honking all year round. As long as you are willing to wear a 5/4mm wetsuit with a hood and brave the cold, the Oregon Coast has so much to offer.

In most locations you can drive right onto the beach and launch and land from your rig. Better yet grab a buddy and 2 rigs and the opportunity for downwinders becomes endless with the ability to shuttle cars right down the beach.

Summertime (June - September) brings northerly winds and right foot forward ramps. The rule of thumb for the Oregon Coast is that during a northerly, the further south you go the stronger the wind gets. Not strong enough in Florence? Keep driving south until you reach Whiskey Run near Bandon, OR or better yet Pistol River. Looking for some flatwater? Make a pitstop at Floras Lake. Here you have freshwater flats inside of the lake perfect for freestyle, and just a hop over the dunes and braving the gnarly shorepound gets you into the salty and swell filled water of the Pacific Ocean.

In the winter, the wind comes from the south and often brings bucketloads of rain. Watch out as these winds can be gusty, but they won't disappoint in strength. You are likely to be the only kiter out when these winds come as the locals often migrate to warmer weather for the winter time. Make sure to follow the buddy system this time of year. If left foot forward ramps are your jam and you can handle the cold, be sure to swing by the Oregon Coast sometime between October and April.

Kite Info

Kite shop

No Kite Shop

Kite spots

Whiskey Run; Pistol River; Floras Lake; Florence South Jetty; Manzanita

Best months

january, february, march, april, may, june, july, august, september, october, november, december

Dominant boosting direction

Right forward

Wind Strength, Consistency, Wind Quality, Density

It gets Moderate (Up to 25 knots) It's windy Almost every day Pretty steady Cold wind

Water temp

Cold (You need a wetsuit)

Water conditions

Flat, Choppy, Waves

Local riders

Reed Brady

Crowd factor

Some waters users around

Woo Record

No record posted for this destination. Let us know if there is one!

Travel and life info

How easy is it to get there?

Takes time to get there

How do you get there?

Fly to PDX (Portland; Oregon) or OTH (North Bend; Oregon) and rent a car. Driving time from PDX to Florence is 4 hours and kite locations are both north and south of there on the Coast. Driving time from OTH to kite locations vary a

Daily cost

Insanely expensive ($120+ /day)

Party Destination

Not a party destination

Do you need a car?


Family friendly?


Other fun and activities

dune riding (quads and dirtbikes)
mountain biking
white water
good eats
roadside attractions

How easy is it to find cuddle company?

Sorry, no cuddles here

Internet Connectivity

Good (video calls and streaming)


Very High Development (crazy fast internet and somewhere to charge my Tesla)

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