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We're going to come straight out and say it: We are extremely proud to be stocking this kite! It's nothing short of ground-breaking. The Rise is a kite that brings intermediate riders safer kiteloops and enhances the possibilities for pro-riders. Find out why with our detailed test report!

What we like

Besides the epic 60-days-free-returns policy we’ve got in Europe? That's right! If you don't like it, you can return it to us (used and un-damaged) within 60 days of purchase.

It’s a dedicated big air kite that loops SUPER FAST! The 10m weighs in at only 2.4kg, which is 40-50% lighter than almost every other kite on the market. Not only is ALUULA lighter than industry-standard Dacron, but it’s also stronger. It’s exciting to think that Ocean Rodeo has managed to push the boundaries of performance without compromising on durability. It gives you that direct steering which you can expect from an Open-C kite.

What we don't like

It’s hard to get the kite to loop low on small sizes like the 7 or 8 😂

Tech report

This is the part where we take the convoluted marketing talk and tell you how it is!

The leading edge and the struts are made of cutting edge ALUULA material. It's stronger, more durable and way lighter than traditional Dacron.

The canopy is made of industry-standard Teijin D2 ripstop, which is also extremely light.

The result is a kite so light that you can even loop the 11m. Yes, seriously. And no, the strength has not been compromised. No way? Yes way!

Kite design

It’s a 5 strut Open C. The wingtips help the kite stick to its course like rudders, helping it drive through the window. The 5 struts give the frame the rigidity it needs to keep its shape in nuking winds

Jump report

It produces proper lift when you sheet in, which is especially impressive for an Open-C. We aren’t expecting anyone to jump 35m on this kite, but 25-30m definitely isn’t a problem.

Loop report

Giel loops the 12 with ease. That’s really saying something.

We've put the kites in the hands of mere muggles and they were able to safely loop the 11m at significant heights. This is where we feel that the Rise excels. Since you are able to loop bigger sizes in lighter winds, it means that intermediate riders can push their limits more safely and pro riders can push the limits of modern big air too!

Not only does the kite catch faster after a loop, it also catches well. When you pull that landing loop just right, it slows you down to a stand-still.

Unhooking report

None of our test-riders have tried to unhook this kite yet, so please check back in a few weeks.

It feels like

Fast and direct! The Rise catches unbelievably fast over a kiteloop and it turns extremely fast too, thanks to the Open-C shape.

This product is made for

Big air and free-ride. It’s a purpose-built weapon.

Quality report

The ALUULA material has 6 times the tensile strength of Dacron, the traditional leading edge material. You can feel how sturdy the material is when you get your hands on it. We've tried to tear it, but we honestly can't.

The canopy is made from industry-standard Teijin D2, so you can expect the same lifespan as you get out of most modern kites. Altogether, the kite is beautifully built and well-constructed.

Weapon of choice for

Giel Vlugt, Ryan Parsons, Rodrigo Rios, Keh-Lung Su

Woo and Surfr record on this kite

We'll soon find out!

What's included


Premium backpack

Repair Kit


Bar and Pump sold separately


12 months

What size should I get

Ride it 1 size bigger than a delta kite (XR, Revel, Evo, Orbit, etc.), or the same size as other Open-C’s (Dice, GTS, Enduro etc.)

Bonus info!

We asked our very own Big Air Kite Team rider and Ocean Rodeo hero what his favorite size is: Oef! It’s hard to choose. I’m going to have to go with the 9 and 10

What bar can I use

We recommend the Ocean Rodeo Pilot 2.0 or any 4 line bar with equal line lengths and a low-split in the front/center lines. The backline connections on the kite side are knots and the front line connections on the kite side are loops.

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