Kiter of the Month for July 2021

Every month we will crown 1 Big Air Kiter who's been crushing it! This prestigious award serves to acknowledge the qualities that we aspire to: COURAGE, AMBITION, and the desire to TEST YOUR METTLE in tough conditions.

The kiter of the month for July 2021 is the South African HELL SENDER, Jett Bradshaw.

Jett has been on an ALL-OUT RAMPAGE since he entered the kite scene, making rapid progression in big air with his crazy energy on and off the water. 

Sometimes the cost of being a mad man has its prices and Jett was sidelined for both of our BAKL events this year but was able to join the team as a judge during BAKL Cape Town. Thanks for your help bro! 

Here are some questions and answers for you we did with Jett to get to know him a bit better: 

Full name: Jett Bradshaw

Date of birth: 2/20/2000

Nationality: South African

When did you start kiting?

July 2017

Favorite sized kite for Big Air?

8m orbit

Tell us about your biggest crash? 

The biggest crash I have had was while doing a massive kiteloop on shortlines in Cape Town. The loop generated alot of yank an slack, resulting in a rag-doll-styled crash. After I surfaced spun the bar to untwist the lines and caught the bar backwards whereafter the one power line snapped. Full send! 

Jett got this crash on video! See the clip below

Current tricks you're dreaming of / working on?

Kiteloop board of on 12m lines

Favorite place to kite and why?

For sure Cape Town, it’s my home spot and delivers the perfect wind to get me frothing to ride, perfect short line spot

Something naughty you have done and not told your parents about yet? 

I went kiting at night and tore my miniscus but I told my parents it was for a photoshoot.

When you are not on the water, you can be found doing?

Definitely hanging with a solid crew of mates doing something that involves being on a board what ever discipline that may be

A non-kiting skill that you want to tell us about?

One of my skills other than kiting is definitely either wheeling dirt bikes or bicycles

 Any song that like to listen to before a Big Air session?

For sure psy trance before a session to get me amped

What do you feel is your biggest challenge in life?

My biggest challenge in life is still trying to stay focused and relaxed in challenging situations, it’s coming along slowly but surely! hahaha

Just have a look at this sketchy late backroll over a harbor wall at a secret spot near Cape Town -

Be sure to follow Jett Bradshaw on Instagram to stay up with his insane progression and support his journey as a Big Air Kiter. 
Jett will be added to the prestigious list of riders who were previously crowned Kiter of the Month. You can view that list here.