The Big Air division of the Gran Canaria Air Battle 2021 results

 The third edition of the Gran Canaria Air Battle took place on the weekend of 06 to 08 August 2021 at El Burrero beach. The event saw competition across all riding genres on kite and wing. Luckily the Canary islands is well-known for consistent wind conditions and the organisers were able to run all of the division, barring the wave riding as there were no waves to ride on.

Here are the results and highlights from the Big Air division:

The finals of the Junior Big Air category surprised the public this Sunday, as the youngsters took to great heights. Leonardo Casati (Tenerife) took the title home after having snatched it from Catalan Max Sanz (Castelldefels) who took 2nd place followed by Fabien Capmarty (Tenerife) in 3rd.

The women’s division of the Big Air category put on a show with some good height and style but it was local shredder Alexandra Torres who used her competition experience and incredible kite skill to take first place while the Gran Canarian Lorena Schamann came 2nd. The small-final was settled with 3rd place to Judith Alonso from Tenerife and 4th going to Daniela Moreno, a 16 year old from Gran Canaria who also who the 7UP prize for the most complete competitor in the womens class.

The men's Big Air final has took place perfect wind conditions and featured two freestyle world champions, Liam Whaley (Tarifa) and Carlos Mario (Brazil). According to Whaley, the level was very high in the competition, he had to give everything to advance his heats during the day. With some of his heats being won in the dying seconds on his trick attempts. In the finals it was Liam who took 1st place, followed by Carlos Mario in 2nd , Lorenzo Casati (Tenerife) in 3rd and Joss De Pfyffer (Tarifa) in 4th. Due to this being a national event, Carlos Mario's result is discounted and the local riders move up a position. Lorenzo also took the 7UP award as the most complete rider in the men's class.

 More results: 

Mens Open -

1. Liam Whaley

2.Carlos Mario Monteiro da silva

3. Lorenzo Casati

4. Joss De Pfyffer

5. Joseba Prieto Durañona/ Marius Hoppe/ Leonardo Casati/Jeremy Burlando

9. Gunnar Marc Biniasch/ Francisco j. Vicente/ Jonathan Carranza/ Lucas Luengo/ Sam Light/ Eduardo Lozano/ Carmelo Galvan García/ Ancor Yone Sosa

17. Yeray Matos/ Octav Tirziu/ Ayoze Hernández Pérez/ Raúl Amaro Pérez/ Brais Lago/ Klauss Fietz / Stefan Haeussler/ Joram Castellano Rodriguez/ Aday Segura/ Fabien Capmarty


Womens Open -

1. Alexandra Torres Cibeira

2. Lorena Schamann Pérez

3. Judith Alonso Rodríguez

4. Daniela Moreno Rodriguez

5. María Casariego Fresno/ Julia Castro Christiansen/ Kasia Leszcznska


Here is a video from the event showing all of the best action