Kiter of the Month for November 2021
Every month we crown 1 Big Air Kiter who's been crushing it with this exclusive Big Air Kiter of the Month Cap! This cap cannot be purchased. It is WON! This prestigious award serves to acknowledge the qualities that we aspire to: COURAGE, AMBITION and a desire to TEST YOUR METTLE in tough conditions!


Our November Kiter of The Month could honestly have won every KOTM award for the past year - he's just that good. Rumor has it that his hair is made of 5x Ripstop and has caused the bulk of the supply issues in the kiting industry over the past 2 years. We heard from his parents that he came out of the womb with a leash for an umbilical cord (true story). Women love him. His competitors fear him. We all want to be him. Ladies and gents, we present to you your KOTM for November: Big Air Kite team rider, Janek Grzegormotherf*ckingewski!

That’s enough from us. We’ve interviewed him so you can learn more about our Kiter of the Month from the man himself!




Date of Birth


When did you start kiting?


Favorite size kite for Big Air?

8m XR7

Current tricks you're dreaming of / working on?

Honestly working on my takeoff and trying to go higher than ever as well as working on my board offs with my weak hand

Favorite place to kite and why?

Cape Town! Strong wind, and huge kickers! Love it!

When you are not on the water, you can be found doing?

Skydiving! Or in school 🥴

A non-kiting skill that you want to tell us about?

I have been training fencing for 7 years before I started kitesurfing.

I have been sailing for around 6-7 months of my life, completed an Atlantic loop in that time. Maybe it ain't a crazy skill, but definitely something that people don't know about me.

Any music that you like to listen to before a Big Air session?

Not really🤣 I don't even know my favorite music.

What do you feel is your biggest challenge in life?

Trying to get my school degree as well as being a pro Kitesurfer at the same time

Tell us about your biggest crash!

It was in Tarifa. Very gusty session, with some crazy big kickers. I went for a boogieloop and it was definitely one of my highest one I have ever done to date. The kite slacked on the top after the loop and because of the height I was sure that the kite will recover... Unfortunately it didn't and I freefell from around 16-20m with the board on my feet.

Bruised and dented my ribs on this one 🙄

Tell us something naughty you did that your parents never found out about

Haha never! My parents are for sure reading this 🤣


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Congrats Janek! We obviously can't fit a hat on your head, so we'll have to think of something else. If anybody reading this has any neat ideas, please just shoot us an email at

With love from the Big Air Kite Team ❤️