Kiter of the Month for September 2021

Every month we will crown 1 Big Air Kiter who's been crushing it! This prestigious award serves to acknowledge the qualities that we aspire to: COURAGE, AMBITION, and the desire to TEST YOUR METTLE in tough conditions.

The kiter of the month for September 2021 possibly has the biggest smile we've ever seen in kiting and captures the hearts of everyone he meets! It's none other than Beto Gomez!

He put on an INSANE performance in TatajubaFest, earning him 2nd place on the podium next to Janek and Giel! He's a total natural. When the wind is nuking and the competition is on, he pulls off tricks in a heat that he's never even tried before in practice and sticks them the first time. What a showman! So we had to interview him for you and this is what we learnt!


Date of birth




When did you start kiting?

December 2011/ in my home town, friends from Colombia teach me how to improve in kite , and since there always dreaming to keep pushing my level over the world 🌬💨

Favorite size kite for Big Air?

9 meter dice duotonekiteboarding

Current tricks you're dreaming of / working on?

Boogie loop board off/ contraloop board of with 4 rotation / kiteloop late board off with 4 rotations….coming soon😛

Favorite place to kite and why?

Cabo de la vela / colombia / because is my home town, and definitely the best vibes ever out there , wind conditions are the best and flat water to progress easily on your tricks!!

When you are not on the water, you can be found doing?

Usually doing some work out 💪/ Enjoying my family and working in social media 😌/ some times playing some soccer on the street with people

A non-kiting skill that you want to tell us about?

Good soccer player ⚽️🥅

Any music that you like to listen to before a Big Air session?

Electrónic music

What do you feel is your biggest challenge in life?

My greatest challenge in life is to maintain this life that I have now, because I am part of an indigenous culture, to be able to get out of there to live this experience, it has been a challenge and it will always be, to be able to travel the world, show my talent and what I am to the world, to become the next king of the air, and to always be beto 🤩 is my greatest challenge to keep this life alive ✈️💪💨

Tell us about your biggest crash!

my biggest crash was when I started doing kiteloops, with a 2010 rebel, my ribs were very fat and my mouth had a lot of blood hahaha, that hurt a lot, I was like that for a week

Tell us something naughty you did that your parents never found out about

hahahaha 😎 my mom never found out that I fakes her signature many times at school 😎

Be sure to follow Beto in his big air journey!