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Big Air Kiter | Premium Tee
Francois Horekens
T shirt fabric quality: can do better…

T shirt fabric quality: can do better…
Fabric should be thicker, stronger, more durable without loosing its shape.


HIGH TOP 20m+ hoodie and Shirts!! Perfect for going to the postoffice 🤙🤪


HIGH TOP HOODIES & SHIRTS!! Perfect for going to the postoffice! LOVE IT🤙

Awesome shirt and great quality

What can I say, it's awesome, superb quality

basically new!

great deal! it's pretty much brand new

Stomp it like godzilla

This board is amazing! kite the Gorge and it eats up the river chop super comfortably, boosts big, and is super forgiving on the knees for stomping landings. Only small drawback is it doesn't upwind as easily as some boards I've had, but it's not super noticeable and is a small price to pay for this light, durable, comfortable big air weapon.


I've been riding XRs since the XR6 and really loved this new model. Ordered the 9m Tuesday afternoon and it arrived Thursday morning in Portugal - excellent service only guaranteed by BigAirKite! Tested it yesterday in 30knots and it was great, easiest jumps and landings I've made compared to the 8m and 10m of the previous versions. Didn't loop it yet but the downloops were very smooth. Will report more later!

Great hoodie !

We're stoked you dig it Allard!

BAKL Rash Guard | Red

10m Club Triblend | Big Air Kiter Premium Tee
Kalin Kostov

10m Club Triblend | Big Air Kiter Premium Tee

Josh Emanuel | Megaloop Late Back | Premium Tee

CORE SENSOR 2&2S Exchangable Bar Inserts, white

Super stoked to receive my gear!

I have to say ordering product overseas always makes you wonder if you’re going to receive it. I have to say, “not only does it come in a very timely fashion”, also I receive emails updating me every part of the way. The gear is great quality and fits perfect. I’m stoked to be wearing it. Thanks a bunch 🤙🏽

BAKL Rash Guard | Blue
Johan Kamminga
I want my shirt 🤓

When is it coming?

10m Club Triblend | Big Air Kiter Premium Tee
Rune Tollefsen
Great Idea

It’s comfy, but thin and light compared to other high quality T shirts. Logo’s great, idea’s great and looking foreward to order 15m club if that ever happens 😊

Fast Delivery

Fast Delivery


I like that i get regular updates by mail!

Nice awesome towel, It's for the riders

BAKL supporter tshirt

Comfy and great quality, size is really on the small side though so I should have ordered a size up compared to my usual. Donated it to my girlfriend instead :-)

Funny t-shirt !

My girlfriend loves it !

Great Service

I really enjoy supporting you and the BAKL it is a game and life changer for so many up and coming kiters

Stylishest towel ever 🔥

Nice and soft towel, perfect to chill on the beach with style 💪

Super stylish hoodie !

I love it, it’s super comfy and design is sick !!!

Great Service

Bought a Corr Kite, got an excellent service. Thanks

BAKL Rash Guard | Black
Danilo Cartella
Top 👍🏼👍🏼

Shirt received, small defect and immediately reimbursed by the company. Thank you, you have shown the seriousness and friendliness that too many online stores lack. Special thanks to Mike, 😁👍🏼 I will definitely make other purchases. Good wind


Thanks for ordering your BAKL rash guard.

I'm sorry to hear you aren't satisfied with the quality. I don't think the signs of wear demonstrated are a major issue.

I think it will still last a respectable amount of time :) Nonetheless, we only want to keep our customer's money if they are mega stoked with their purchase.

So I have refunded your order in full via PayPal.

Have a great day! I hope we can meet some of your kiting needs again some day! :)