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The best big air kite made of the best airframe material. Designed as a competition instrument, the XR Pro knows only one direction: higher, faster, further. 

Supercharged by the Aluula airframe plus design adjustments, three big air key features had significant enhancements: Faster loops, earlier catching, elevated high-end performance. To unlock maximum performance, compromises in comfort were accepted.

It's clear for whom CORE developed this model: all the big boosters and fearless kite loopers who crave it now more than ever.

Estimated Ship Date: 14 August 2023  


New! ALUULA AIRFRAME: stiffest and lightest airframe material
CORETEX® 2 CANOPY: low-stretch, robust with high UV protection
5 STRUT FRAME: optimum stability in all flight attitudes
DELTA BOW SHAPE: full power and a lot of depower
INTELLIGENT ARC: finely controllable enormous power
CIT MODES: flight character, bar forces and reactivity individually adjustable
INSTANT RELAUNCH: effortless water launches
SPEED PUMP SYSTEM: easy and fast ventilation
SENSOR BAR SYSTEM: optimal coordination of kite and bar system
6 YEARS PARTS GUARANTEE: replacement parts availability for an average kite lifetime.

What we like

The XR8 leading edge has been upgraded to Core's new EXOTEX® 2 dacron. The dacron is stiffer and this results in a more responsive, faster turning kite. You can feel an improvement in the loops as a result.

This kite makes big air, old school and high-performance big air such as that seen in The Big Air Kite League more accessible to ordinary riders. For this reason, we've seen this style of kite, and this kite in particular, growing in popularity. You've got everyone from weekend warriors, right up to big air shredders ripping on the XR. Needless to say, the high demand for the XR7 also suggests a great resale value!


Kite design

XR Pro brings the stiffest existing airframe material, the Aluula. Achieving an even thinner leading edge and strut diameters compared to the XR8. A thinner diameter means less air resistance, translating to lightning-fast kite speed. Combined with the extremely stable 5-strut frame, the XR Pro allows hardly any deformation and reacts to every steering impulse, no matter how small. This not only makes it more direct and controllable, but also gives it outstanding stability in the high-end and more performance. Across all sizes, the XR Pro is ten percent lighter than the XR8. Properly used and reinforced, CORE's Aluula meets high standards and customer requirements in terms of durability and longevity.

Jump record on this kite

36.2m on Woo by Josh Emmanuel

Jump report

The XR8 has a design feature that Core calls Intelligent Arc. 

Basically, this means that when you sheet the bar in fully, the kite flattens out and increases the surface area of the portion of the wing that is going to give you jump height, glide and softer landings by 10 percent. Intelligent Arc is what gives the XR incredible sheet-in-and go makes reaching big heights a breeze. It's no wonder the WOO Record was broken twice on the launch day!

Loop report

The Aluula airframe has allowed for a thinner airframe, which has resulted in a faster-looping and faster-catching kite which big air loopers will love!


It feels like

Easy. There is quite a lot of bar-pressure, which makes it easy to know where the kite is. It's got quite a lot of grunt, so be prepared to put your back into the harness to keep it down, such as when performing exit loops after slides.

This product is made for

Massive megaloops and BIG air!


Weapon of choice for

Josh Emanuel, Zara Hoogenraad, Maarten Haeger, Angely Bouillot, Jasmine Cho, Mike Mac Donald

Let's hear from our team riders

"XR Pro takes the best of the Nexus and the XR without any compromise: now you can have have awesome lift and hangtime that we love from the XR, combined with perfect bar pressure, fast turning speed and proper pull in the loop as with a Nexus! For me it’s the perfect kite I was waiting for!" - Xavier Kain

"The newly released XR Pro boasts impressive reliability, providing riders with consistent catching and smooth looping without stalling. Based on personal experience, I can attest that the XR Pro offers plenty of hangtime and boost. What's more, I found it easier to ride in a wide range conditions, including gusty winds and choppy waters, thanks to its ability to fly higher in the wind window compared to the previous XR. Overall, the XR Pro instills greater confidence and a feeling of safety when performing my tricks, making it a more reliable and progressive choice compared to the previous XR models." - Zara Hoogenraad

What's included

The XR Pro comes with a comfortable backpack, manual and a repair kit.


12 months.

6 years+ parts availability guaranteed.

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