Arubinha, Rio

Brazil, South America

It gets Strong winds Either direction From $15/day
Updated:29 April 2021

Kitesurf Season


Destination Summary

Arubinha, Rio

Arubinha is a super flat water destination. Good wind conditions. There is no support on the beach to buy anything, so you have to travel heavy with food and water. Which is also good, because there is no people and only kiteboarders! Its great! Best season is from October until February, but gets windy all year around at least once a week or so.. Wind from NE or E is best, the opposite SW works too as you can kite on the other side of the lagoon. Arubinha is the paradise for freestyle kiteboarders. Highly recommend you checking it out! Reach out to me and lets schedule a Big air Fest in RIO!!!!

Kite Info

Kite shop

No Kite Shop

Kite spots

Arubinha; Lagoa de Araruama; Manguinhos

Best months

january, february, march, april, may, june, july, august, september, october, november, december

Dominant boosting direction

Either direction

Wind Strength, Consistency, Wind Quality, Density

It gets Strong (Up to 30 knots) It's windy Every week Pretty steady Warm and Cold wind

Water temp

Warm (You don't need a wetsuit)

Water conditions


Crowd factor

No other water users around

Woo Record

No record posted for this destination. Let us know if there is one!

Travel and life info

How easy is it to get there?

Takes time to get there

How do you get there?

2 hours away from Rio. So you need to drive and the road is choppy and tiny. Its a adventure on its own! Rio de janeiro and Buzios are really close! Its worth coming and checking it out. In Arubinha there is no structure; but a few

Daily cost

Super cheap (~$20 /day)

Party Destination


Do you need a car?


Family friendly?


Other fun and activities

Jet ski maybe

How easy is it to find cuddle company?


Internet Connectivity

No internet


Medium development (some accommodations; hotels; health services or shops)

Thanks to Diogo Fermo for submiting the destination

Questions & Answers

  • Hi. I have submitted the Arubinha spot but never got my cap or t shirt from big air kite!!! Come on!! 🤣 Hey Diogo! Thanks for submitting the spot. Did you submit 3 spots? :)

    "Get 1 free shirt or cap, shipped to you free of charge anywhere in the world for every 3 destinations you add! *Subject to import tax if your address is outside of USA, Europe or UK."