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The Big Air Kite Lowdown:

Technical highlights

Aluula airframe
3 struts
No pulleys A.K.A fixed bridle
Thin leading edge
Decently sized wing tips

Who's it for?

Riders who want to loop
Intermediates up to pro’s
It's as safe as you get for learning big kiteloops

How does it loop?

We love how easy it is to loop the Pace! Intermediate riders can loop the 10m and get caught without a problem.

Catching speed

The Pace has a super fast catching speed, which makes it a great option for riders who want to focus on kiteloops. We're in love with the 10m. It makes big loops in light winds safe and fun!

Pull from the loop

It provides constant pull when looped, without a big yank. This is great for riders who want to progress in their kiteloops. If you want a big yank, you will either need to pull your loops very soon after take off or get on short lines (which are radical).

How high does it jump?

We've found that it jumps ~90% as high as the XR Pro. It's a little bit more difficult to go massive on than the XR, but it still jumps super high. 


Extremely light, but still durable. For reference: 8m Pace weighs 2.27kg and 8m Evo D-lab weighs 2.2kg


The landings are great on the 9 and 10m. It’s not as easy as the XR to land softly when it comes to smaller sizes like the 8m and down.


We'd score the hangtime 8.5/10. XR is a 10/10. Still gives great glide for old school tricks like darkslides or barefoot ski’s.


Each size Feels half a size smaller than the XR. So a 10m Pace Pro feels like a 9.5m XR in terms of lift / pulling force.

Why you NEED the new bar

You need to use the new Sensor 4 bar with this kite. You cannot use the Sensor 3s Pro (and previous bars) with the Pace.

The Pace does not have pulleys. The pulleys (on other Core Kites) are actually part of the safety system when you quick-release your kite.

In order to make a kite without pulleys, Core had to change the safety system, so they released the new Sensor 4 bar.


CORE's Lowdown

Make the difference




With the all-new developed Pace Pro, CORE is expanding its range for the performance-
oriented big air target group and all those aspiring to get there. CORE's first fixed-bridle kite

opens up completely new possibilities with uniquely sporty riding characteristics that are second to none. Fat jumps, fast kiteloops and safe wrestling have never been more accessible. The exceptionally stiff 3-strut airframe, crafted from Aluula with a high aspect ratio, combines two characteristics that are unique to this form: superior jump height, hangtime, and flight stability, along with rapid looping and precise control.

Set the pace. Pace Pro.
Please note that the Pace Pro may only be flown with the Sensor 4! In contrast to the Sensor 3S and older Sensor models, ONLY the Sensor 4’s SFS+ safety and ensures complete flagging out of models with fixed bridles.

5.0 | 6.0 | 7.0 | 8.0 | 9.0 | 10.0 | 12.0

NEW! ALUULA AIRFRAME: stiffest and lightest airframe material
NEW! FIXED BRIDLE: Optimally supported arch. Variably controllable
NEW! HIGH ASPECT RATIO: Rich power and high flight stability
CORETEX® 2 CANOPY: low-stretch, robust with high UV protection
3 STRUT FRAME: perfect blend of stability and agility
INTELLIGENT ARC: finely controllable enormous power
INSTANT RELAUNCH: effortless water launches
SPEED PUMP SYSTEM: easy and fast ventilation
PACE PRO x SENSOR 4 BAR: the ultimate match-up
6 YEARS PARTS GUARANTEE: replacement parts availability for an average kite lifetime.

The Pace Pro comes with a comfortable backpack, manual and a repair kit.

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